"She's her own sideshow!"

     Taylor Benson is the silent storm on stage. She's the cool chick with mega talent, multiple instruments, and an undying commitment to music and the band. If there are shows to be performed, she will!

     Raised on "proper" instruments, she now challenges the mainstream. Moving from piano and violin to bass guitar and anything she can in marching band, she is always eager to try new instruments. Have you heard of an Erhu? A Guzheng? The new Cruz Brothers EP is sure to be exciting because if she can find a way to incorporate those, she will!

     Taylor is a powerhouse on bass guitar. The band's songwriting has been described as complex and melodic. Her bass riffs and rhythms reflect this and add to the labyrinth of signature sound produced. At her roots, a metalhead, but Taylor will play almost any genre of music. If there are notes to be played, she will!

     Determined to make the band about the music, Taylor challenges stereotypes. She's not just the pretty girl on stage. She's a musical purist and wants you to immerse yourself in each song and every riff. With every new show and song written, you can actually witness Taylor growing and emerging as one of the musicians to take notice of. And, if she can get you to pay attention, she will!

     "There's something special about that girl!" On the cusp of a new EP and a recent Dean endorsement, things are looking great for The Cruz Brothers. Taylor, the girl brother, leaves her mark on every stage and song she plays!